Experience Electronic Execution

CanDeal is the leading provider of electronic markets for Canadian fixed income and interest rate swaps, providing institutional investors with direct access to liquidity and more efficient and transparent workflow. CanDeal's solutions allow institutional investors to create a seamless end-to-end trade flow that achieves:

  • Best price
  • Rapid, certain, and low-cost execution
  • Insightful business intelligence

CanDeal has changed the way that institutional investors, and their dealers, view and trade these systemically-important markets - both in Canada and around the world.

There are three core areas where CanDeal participants derive benefits:

CanDeal provides access to real-time markets, analytical tools, and liquidity protocols to assist institutions in accurately assessing the current market environment, conducting effective price discovery and optimizing dealer selection.

Once the trading opportunity has been identified, CanDeal's request-for-quote protocol allows institutional investors to simultaneously query multiple dealers for live executable prices - achieving best execution in a matter of seconds.

To assess current money market opportunities, participants can quickly view, filter and compare available dealer offerings - all commingled on a single screen.

Trade Execution
CanDeal's electronic trading protocols ensure timely and certain execution, at the best available price, from a custom selected dealer group. This simply cannot be achieved as effectively and efficiently on the telephone. The entire trade cycle is captured and confirmed, providing a permanent and accessible electronic transaction history that includes the entire trade work-up and prevailing market level.

It is hard to over-state the benefits of post-trade routing in electronic markets. CanDeal not only makes it easy to build a connection to our real-time API, but our use of standardized FIX and XML messaging protocols ensures that our messages are compatible with all major order management systems. 

In addition to the integrated workflow that CanDeal enables, participants are empowered with valuable information when they trade on our marketplace. This insight, when combined with a broad range of compliance and performance-related reporting, helps to further refine dealer selection and enhance trading strategies. A new era of business analysis has arrived.