Trade with Confidence

Institutional investors need to continuously survey the markets to evaluate and identify new trading opportunities, optimize their dealer selection, perform effective price discovery, before executing with certainty. CanDeal has solutions that can assist with all of these pre-trade activities.

Real-Time Markets
CanDeal's real-time markets are an essential decision-making tool for institutional investors surveying the market. Sourced directly from our dealer network, CanDeal aggregates price feeds to produce an accurate real-time bid/ask markets for Canadian bond, derivatives and CTB markets. Our prices are continuously validated by institutional trades; over a 10-year period, 86% of government bond trades executed on CanDeal were at, or better, than the posted composite. This enables institutional investors to trade on CanDeal with confidence that they are getting a market price.

Optimizing Dealer Selection
CanDeal has designed trading protocols and allows participants to capture unique business intelligence that, when combined with traditional information gathering, allows investors to make smart dealer-selection choices. It's not optimal to query every liquidity provider for a given trade, as it results in information leakage and deters aggressive price-making. Smart dealer selection produces optimal results.

Request-For-Quote (RFQ)
A RFQ facilitates effective and comparable price discovery for the size and settlement date of the trade specific by the investors. Working closely with its participants, CanDeal has developed trading protocols that address investor needs for flexibility and discretion, while accommodating their differing requirements and trade strategies in dynamic market conditions. Participants have the ability to trade multiple securities from different asset classes within a single application.

Regulatory Requirements
As global regulation, market surveillance and enforcement intensifies, there is increase importance being placed on compliant market operations and price transparency - particularly in the derivatives markets. CanDeal is playing a key role in delivering a level of price dissemination and transparent trade work-ups that government officials are seeking, while protecting the confidentiality of counterparties.